OPB10-20NE Series


  • Advanced electric steering
  • "Maxius" steering wheel
  • AC drive motor
  • Bright white LED lighting
  • Comfortable backrest reduces driver fatigue
  • Programmable controller adjusts acceleration, travel speed
  • Aluminium tiller arm shaft
  • Suspended floor
  • Electric power steering
  • Small turning circle
  • Tapered fork tips ensure smooth pallet entry and exit

Key Specs


AC Power


Low Level Order Picker


1.0 - 2.0 Tonnes

Quick Specs

The OPB20NE offers the highest standard in modern design, performance and safety. The OPB20NE offers a maximum drive speed of 12 km/h when the operator is riding but sets a safe limit of 2.5 km/h in optional walk-beside mode. A rising platform is incorporated into model OPB20NSP, while the equipment of model OPB10NSPF includes both rising forks and a rising platform. The OPB20NT offers versatility and performance for a competitive price.

Model Load Capacity
OPB10NSPF 1000 kg
OPB20NSP 2000 kg
OPB20NT 2000 kg
OPB20NE 2000 kg

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