FGC20-33N Series


  • Inbuilt safety features throughout the design
  • Long service interval - 500 hours
  • State-of-the-art LPG engine, with engine management system
  • Active engine protection system
  • Onboard electronics
  • Automotive style pedal layout
  • High-visibility mast
  • Informative Meter Panel

Key Specs


LP Gas Counterbalance


4 Wheel Cushion Tyres


2.0 - 3.3 Tonnes

Quick Specs

Setting the highest standards for IC engine cushion tyre counterbalance forklift trucks, the FGC20-33N series has been developed to help your operator achieve maximum productivity with effortless efficiency. Fast, strong, highly manoeuvrable, ergonomic, environmentally friendly and safe, this truck meets every need.

Perfect for indoor work on smooth surfaces, it offers all of the cushion tyre advantages - including excellent traction, low energy consumption, compact dimensions and powerful lifting with high residual capacities. Meanwhile, its clean-burning LPG engine ensures high performance with low emissions. Packed with advanced features as standard, the FGC20-33N can also be supplied with a wide range of options to match your specific application precisely.

Model Load Capacity
FGC20N 2000 kg
FGC25N 2500 kg
FGC30N 3000 kg
FGC33N 2950 kg

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