Bobcat E80 Excavator


  • Smooth power in a compact package
  • Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) design
  • Yanmar engine for durability and power with electronic injection
  • Opearator comfort
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Smoother workgroup control and excellent hydraulic performance

Key Specs




40.4 KW


8.0 Tonne

Quick Specs

This 8 T crawler excavator features steel tracks, an air conditioned cab and boom safety valves as standard equipment.

The reliability of this model has an important influence on its overall lifetime operating cost. The shape of the boom and dipperstick have been optimized by finite element design to limit fatigue and thus improve durability and reliability. The X-chassis frame section also has been designed to ensure greater durability and optimum structural integrity. Thanks to the zero tail swing design, the entire house of the excavator rotates extremely close to the width of the tracks. This design allows the operator to concentrate fully on the job for peace of mind.

A large side cover allows easy access for daily maintenance and service for maximum work efficiency. The grease intervals for the workgroup pins are 250 hours thanks to the use of sintered metals. The cab can be tilted in a few minutes without special tools to gain access to the main valve when service is required. The E80 offers top performance in the toughest applications thanks to powerful breakout force and a high tech closed centre hydraulic system. The hydraulic system enables smooth operation while maintaining high productivity. This machine delivers higher traction and swing power.

The E80 is powered by the 40.7 kW Yanmar engine known for its durability and power. This results in excellent operation in high load conditions. This electronically controlled engine optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces emissions and noise to a minimum level. The auto idle control reduces engine speed to low idle after a few seconds if none of the excavator controls are operated. As soon as the operator activates any control, the engine speed immediately returns to the throttle level it had previously. This system helps to save fuel.

The use of an oversized cab means increased operator comfort, allowing work for longer periods of time with less fatigue. The high flow and low noise air conditioning system is included as standard. The electric refuelling pump makes it possible to fill the fuel tank with minimum effort.

The safety valve located in the boom prevents the boom from dropping in the event of a boom cylinder pipe rupture. An overload warning device is also included as standard. This will alert the operator if the work group is overloaded.

In addition to the buckets, breakers , demolition grabs and augers are also available with pin-on, Klac and Lehnhoff coupling systems

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