Bobcat E60 Excavator


  • Excellent durability in a compact package
  • Cab comfort with excellent visibility
  • Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) design for peace of mind
  • Air conditioning for more comfort
  • Powerful digging force for more performance
  • Work group smoothness

Key Specs




37.3 KW


6.0 Tonne

Quick Specs

Performance characteristics, such as digging force and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system, ensure unparalleled productivity even in difficult conditions.

Thanks to powerful driving force and the highest swing torque in its class, the E60 is capable of working efficiently on slopes.

Equipped as standard with steel tracks, this machine has an operating weight of 6.025 kg and offers a maximum digging depth of 3725 mm.

This model includes an air conditioned cab as well as boom safety valves as standard. This safety valve prevents the boom from dropping in the event of a cylinder pipe rupture. The overload warning device is standard equipment as well.

The oversized cab provides plenty of space enabling the operator to work comfortably all day long.

The instrument panel is designed to allow a quick check of the machine working condition during operation. Visibility to the working area is enhanced thanks to the pipe routing inside the boom width. For work at night, the excavator has 3 halogen work lights.

Thanks to Zero Tail Swing, the entire house of the excavator, with the exception of the boom, rotates within the width of the machine tracks. So there is no worry about damaging the house or the surrounding environment. The operator can concentrate fully on the job.

An electronic injection system continuously adjusts the amount of fuel injected to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions and engine noise to a minimum level. Auto Idle control reduces engine speed to low idle whenever the excavator controls are not in use. As soon as the operator activates any control function, the engine immediately returns to the previous throttle level.

Thanks to computer aided design and use of robust materials and components tested under extreme conditions, the E60 offers excellent reliability and durability.

The most advanced technology has been incorporated in this mini excavator to enable simple and easy maintenance, with convenient check points to maximize work efficiency. Thanks to the use of sintered metals, grease intervals for the workgroup pins have been extended to 250 hours.

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