Bobcat E45 Excavator


  • Zero Tail Swing (ZTS)
  • Reliability
  • Smooth workgroup control
  • Premium/Outstanding hydraulic performance
  • Unparalleled operator comfort
  • Superb operator space
  • New X-frame undercarriage for better ground clearance and easy shedding of debris

Key Specs




30.2 KW


4.6 Tonne

Quick Specs

The E45 Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) compact excavator sets the standard in the compact excavator industry for reliability, operator comfort, smooth workgroup control and superior hydraulic performance.

Equipped with cab and bucket, the E45 has an operating weight of 4634 kg and offers a maximum digging depth of 3300 mm.

The E45 excavator feature a completely new cab design that offers the operator plenty of space for their feet and legs as well as a very comfortable work environment.

Enjoy true peace of mind in narrow and confined spaces with our Zero Tail Swing and front corners which stay in the track-width when you slew the house. It lets you focus on your work, instead of worrying about hitting objects. Even the open door stays inside the counterweight radius.

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