OMG Stackers

OMG 715 FS


  • The mini joystick (finger touch) allows the operator to control the truck by simply moving his finger along the tiller, ensuring precise and smooth load lifting and lowering, without taking his hands off the tiller
  • The rear opening on the chassis facilitates maintenance, allowing the oper- ator to check or replace the drive wheel without lifting the truck.
  • Powerful and reliable AC traction motor, capable of meeting even the most demanding requests in terms of performance, under any conditions
  • The OMG masts are made of cold extruded profiles, ensuring high resist- ance to bending and twisting

Key Specs


AC Power


Pedestrian Stacker


1.5 Ton

Quick Specs

The 715 FS ac is a walk behind counterweighted electric forklift truck with tilted forks, ideal for situations when you can’t use forklift trucks with standard forks (due to special pallets, shelves with safety edge) or trucks that pick the loads frontally (because you might endanger the operators or due to lack of training) Equipped with Fem forks which also allow transversal load picking. The manoeu- vrability and versatility of this forklift truck render it a valuable asset that can be used by a variety of different operators for different applications.

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