• Fingertip Controls - Fully integrated tiller system with throttle, fork control safety pushbutton, horn, and turtle button.
  • Manoeurability - Having the same size as the EuroPallet (800 mm), the overall width of the GX allows the unit to work in narrow spaces and corridors, with increased manoeuvrability and a reduced turning radius
  • Cover - Strong ABS cover with storage compartments on top, easily removable to speed up maintenance operations
  • Battery Pack - The separate battery compartment is the housing of starting batteries on BASIC version, SEMI-TRACTION on the EVO one. Such batteries are lightweight and inexpensive and allow up to a 3 hours working autonomy.

Key Specs

Operator Type





1200 Kg

Quick Specs

This compact sized stacker, powerful and reliable, is the ideal solution to work in confined spaces. The Duplex mast allows a lifting capacity from 2500 up to 3500 mm with a FreeLift version available. The reduced width (800 mm), the lateral driving system and the wide mast positioning assure great manoeuvrability, stability and visibility. The built in battery and charger with integrated cable and plug make the GX Series a plug and play unit.

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