• Pantograph
  • Power Steering
  • AC Motor Technology
  • 1000mm High Load Back Rest
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 80/80mm Side Shift

Key Specs


AC Power


Rear Wheel


1.45 Tonnes

Quick Specs

Given Combilift’s reputation for multidirectional technology it will come as no surprise that the company developed the Combi-WR4 as an addition to its Combi-WR Walkie Reach range. It is the rst purpose built pedestrian reach stacker to combine multidirectional travel with a host of innovative features to o er an even higher level of manoeuvrability when there is a requirement to handle long loads – as well as pallets - in tight confines.

Sharing the technology and design for safety of its two way counterpart and a winner of a prestigious FLTA Award for ergonomics as well as the Red Dot award for Design, the Combi-WR4 is e ortless to operate, even in the most demanding environments. It incorporates the bene ts of AC technology in its traction pump and steering motors, is available with various lift heights. The unique patented multi-position tiller - with push button control to rotate the rear wheel parallel to the chassis and back again -features
an operator’s screen and electronic power steering and ngertip controls ensure precise and smooth travel.

Its compact dimensions with pantograph reach allow it to work in aisle widths of just 2.1m. Very popular options include side shift and tilting fork carriage functions to ensure easy picking and placing in aisles as well as best use of available space for economical storage. It is very easy and quick to train operators to use the Combi-WR
range, and 2-speed operation is controlled by a rabbit/turtle switch, with a further bene t being the ability to adjust or customise travel speeds to suit the level of the operator’s experience.

Model Load Capacity
WR4 1450 kg

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