Uncategorized     20 December 2023

Uk Safety Alert LPG Fuel Containing Contamination


Uk Safety Alert LPG Fuel Containing Contamination

We are reaching out regarding the operation of LPG powered Forklift trucks.

You are likely already aware of the persistent issue related to “cold starting” on these specific forklift trucks.

Attached is an updated Safety Alert recently released by the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA), formed through the merger of BITA, FLTA, and CFTS.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commenced a formal investigation earlier this year to pinpoint the root cause of this situation, prioritising user safety.

The Safety Alert provides comprehensive insight into the ongoing scenario, and ongoing investigations are actively progressing.

We urge you to read thoroughly this Safety Alert and pass along to the relevant personnel within your organisation.

The document is available for download on the official UKMHA webpage atĀ https://ukmha.org.uk/ukmha-releases-lpg-safety-alert/

Click Here To Download PDF DocumentĀ 

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