Aisle Master

Model 20S / 20WH


  • Large super elastic tyres
  • Robust chassis construction
  • Integral side shift fitted as standard
  • Low maintenance
  • Low emission gas engine
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Operator comfort and safety
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and maximise visibility

Key Specs






2.0 Tonnes

Quick Specs

The uniquely designed Aisle-Master is capable of doing the work of both conventional counterbalance forklifts and reach trucks, with the flexibility to work in very narrow aisles. The hydrostatic drive provides greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

The Aisle-Master is available in both Gas/LPG and electric/battery powered engines and offers a range of lift heights and capacities up to 2000kgs.

Features & Benefits:
All the innovative features of an Aisle-Master articulated, reach forklift mean you can increase warehouse storage, lower costs and improve productivity.

Available in electric and LPG powered models, the articulated design offers unbeatable maneuverability, providing faster load cycle times and reduced driver fatigue.
Greater reach and capacity: each truck lifts to heights up to 15m, offers VNA operation in aisle-widths of just 1.6 m .
Impressive load/lift capacity of up to 2.5t,
Driver comfort and safety included as standard: enhanced cabin ergonomics and superb visibility lead to less downtime
High quality robust construction of chassis and mast using high-grade steel and castings – gives better reliability and longer life span
Each VNA truck can operate on any floor surface, both inside and out.

Aisle-Master LPG
Advanced technology, cleaner emissions

Aisle-Master is acknowledged as the pioneer of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) power in the articulated forklift sector. Aisle-Masters are fitted with a closed loop fuel system as standard, to improve emissions and fuel economy whilst a specially designed engine bay cooling system ensures the effective running of the engine for maximum uptime and reliability.

To better address your needs, please contact our highly trained and experienced material handling experts who offer free consultation.

Model Load Capacity
20S/20WH 2000 kg

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