HDS 12/18-4 S


  • Trigger Gun
  • Trigger Gun With Soft Grip
  • Spray Lance - 1050mm
  • Power Nozzle
  • Servo Control
  • Anti-Twist System System
  • Three Piston Axial Pump
  • Pressure Switch Control
  • Electronic Service Control

Key Specs

Operating Pressure

30 - 180 bar

Flow Rate

600-1200 l/h


178 Kg


Our medium and super class heated high-pressure cleaners have six impressive features. 1. Environmental protection More efficient thanks to the new Eco mode, service switch for adjustment of the water hardness, turbo fan, precise cleaning agent dosage, optimised burner technology and high pump efficiency. 2. User friendliness This is ensured by a central, clearly arranged control panel designed for intuitive operation, captive spray lance holder, LED displays, etc. 3. Highly efficient cleaning is ensured by patented nozzle technology, ceramic pistons, turbo fan and greater pump efficiency. Accessories are optimised for specific applications to exactly suit customer requirements. 4. Mobility The mobility concept offers features such as two swivel castors, large rubber-tyred wheels, ergonomi
c push handles, lifting points for handling with a forklift, lashing rings and tilting aid for easy transport. 5. Reliability Guaranteed by flue gas monitoring, a corrosion-proof, flexurally stiff, robust chassis, machine protector system, three-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons and heat-resistant flue outlet. 6. Service friendliness Easy access to all components that require servicing and a service switch to call up operating data as required for troubleshooting.

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