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Salisbury District Hospital

Mitsubishi forklift aids hospital

New truck from Andover Fork Truck Services wins over Salisbury District Hospital

Responsible for the health and wellbeing of a population of approximately 240,000 across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust requires its logistical operations to be every bit as precise as its surgical ones..

“While the truck’s reliability was a top priority, our staff’s health, safety and happiness are of the utmost importance. So we were keen to provide them with a truck that’s comfortable, has a weatherproof cab and also easy to manoeuvre and use.”

Pauline Giles, Contracts Buyer for Salisbury District Hospital.


When the Procurement team tendered for a new, reliable forklift to unload deliveries, they invited Andover Fork Truck Services, the region’s award winning Mitsubishi dealer to tender for the opportunity.

Andover Fork Truck Services were awarded the tender based on being able to meet a bespoke specification and pricing within a budget, as well as the ability to provide reliable follow-up maintenance.

Grant Fraser from Andover Fork Truck Services matched the Trust’s needs with the FB15KRT-PAC three-wheeled 24V electric forklift with some minor adjustments to meet the demands of the site.

The adjustments allowed the NHS customer to fully extend the forks to lift on and off the back of a transporter, but also lower the forks enough to drive through low doors and turn 360° in a tight space. It also had the challenge of being able to meet the demands of a sloping site with a full load.

The truck, renowned for its sterling reliability and low maintenance costs, did not disappoint. The site’s management were impressed by its economy and reliability, while its forklift operators praised the machine’s design, performance and quietness. Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust purchased the Mitsubishi truck outright.

“Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust cares for over 228,000 patients each year. So it is imperative that every aspect of the Hospital runs smoothly,” says Pauline Giles, Contracts Buyer for Salisbury District Hospital.

“This forklift is our only one on site and it’s used to unload all manner of supplies – from dressings to toilet paper, coffee to cleaning chemicals; everything the hospital needs to function.

“We also use it to move and load our recyclable materials. It has to manage the challenge of the sloping site and low entrances into some of our various store areas as we do not have the luxury of one large, modern store!” said Pauline.

“Our previous old truck, despite being from a big-name, global manufacturer, had finally given up on us and we were desperate to find a new reliable one.

“Prolonged periods of downtime are simply unacceptable – especially at a hospital – so we knew we needed a hard-working and reliable forklift – backed by high quality service.

“Grant Fraser ensured we were able to hire a similar model from Andover Fork Lift Truck Services whilst we were awaiting delivery of our new forklift so that service could continue.”

 Solid Reputation

Business Development Manager of Andover Fork Truck Services, Grant Fraser, says: “Mitsubishi has a near-legendary reputation for reliability and prides itself in delivering optimum performance. So the FB15KRT-PAC, its 1.5 tonne, 24-volt electric was the obvious choice.

“This robust three-wheeler has proven its dependability time and time again, becoming a popular choice of truck for warehouses, retailers and production applications internationally.

“Versatile, efficient, ergonomic, and, above all else, reliable, it was the perfect truck for the job.”

Versatile by design

Suitable for indoor use, the low-noise FB15KRT-PAC features a 5kw AC motor, resulting in faster acceleration, better grade ability, and quicker deceleration by regenerative braking. Tight control of torque and speed ensures greater component reliability and higher productivity.

Furthermore, advanced system control allows for personalised performance. Top speed, acceleration, lift speed, tilt and more can be set to optimise the truck’s functions to operator, load, and task. But precise vehicle management is not essential: five job-specific pre-sets, including a short-shuttle setting, allows for quick performance adjustment.

Grant says: “Whether your truck is IC or electric, tailoring its performance to suit the task at hand improves efficiency, while lowering operating costs.”


 Following an onsite demonstration, the hospital’s forklift drivers praised the operator-friendly focus in the Mitsubishi FB15KRT-PAC.

Easy access to the operator-friendly compartment is offered by a grab bar and low, non-slip step. The adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, together with easy-reach hydraulic controls and through-floor pedals, ensure comfortable operation and reduced fatigue.

As the truck will be working outside, the Salisbury forklift was also fitted with a full wet-weather cab, to protect workers from the elements.

Pauline Giles says: “While the truck’s reliability was a top priority, our staff’s health, safety and happiness are of the utmost importance. So we were keen to provide them with a truck that’s comfortable, has a weatherproof cab and also easy to manoeuvre and use.”

 The full package

As the only forklift on the Salisbury hospital site, the new truck will have a busy life ahead. That being said, even the most reliable forklifts require routine checks and servicing to keep them running safely, and to prevent costly breakdowns.

With this in mind, the Mitsubishi FB15KRT-PAC has been engineered to keep down-time to a minimum. An active protection system monitors vital components, ensuring safe operations. As a result, the 24V electric offers a long service interval (500 hours) – reducing service costs by roughly 50% over its lifetime.

Integrated diagnostics – in combination with rapid access components – minimises the risk of unplanned downtime.

Grant says: “After their disappointment with their previous truck, we knew we had to deliver a reliable forklift with low maintenance costs but, equally, dependable local servicing.

“We are really pleased that the hardworking team at Salisbury District Hospital has finally received the equipment and backup support that they need… and deserve.”

To find out more about the award-winning Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range and Andover Fork Truck Services, call the Greenline 01264 324055, contact

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