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Addo Food Group

Leading UK food group chooses Mitsubishi forklifts

One of the UK’s leading food companies, the Addo Food Group, says investment in new Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES forklifts is helping feed their ravenous production lines and maximise production of over 256 million of the nation’s best-loved pork pies, sausage rolls, pasties and Scotch eggs.

Faced with an ageing fleet, the Dorset Foods division – where hundreds of thousands of the UK’s Scotch eggs are baked and fried – sought out a very specific type of forklift truck to deal with their conditions on site.

The forklifts each have to unload up to a ton of ingredients including eggs, meat, seasoning and packaging from a lorry parked on the road and transfer them 75 yards to the loading bay.

Outside space is very restricted; there’s very little room to move and we have very tight corners. Added to that, the loading bay itself is also on an incline, so for us manoeuvrability and stability of the trucks are paramount.

Trevor Cook, Supply Chain Manager at Addo Food Group

To keep productivity levels high and the perishable ingredients on the move, the Addo Food Group opted for the LPG-powered Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES FG15N Series forklift for its compact design and fully hydrostatic steering.

Operators say the intuitive handling’s precision and predictability – even in the tightest corners and aisles – gives them more trust in their control of the vehicle, and this added driver confidence pays off with faster, more assured manoeuvring leading to increased productivity.

Mr Cook continues: “Because there’s not a lot of space around here, the trucks have to be robust and stand up to knocks, and with Mitsubishi we knew we were getting a truck with a reputation for reliability and non-stop performance, whatever the conditions.”

In order to deliver that level of dependability, Mitsubishi have built in strength from the ground up, with features like the rugged rear axle assembly with metal bush mounts (instead of more fragile rubber mounts favoured by some competitors) as standard.

Also as standard is the GRENDiA’s Belly Seal, a must-have for the dirty, all-weather outdoor environment of Dorset Foods’ loading areas. This unique under-truck protection – and sealed wheel arches – prevents the cyclonic effect, which draws dirt and dust into the engine and recirculates it into the working environment. With the Mitsubishi design, dust and dirt is kept off their incoming ingredients, as well as dramatically prolonging the engine life.

Mr Cook added: “Competitive pricing was one of the most important factors, and Grant at Andover Fork Truck Services came up with a very attractive package. But at the same time, we needed really rapid service response times.

“A simple but important example is the replacement of indicator lights or bulbs. Because space outdoors is restricted they can easily get damaged… but we need them working when we’re unloading from a wagon truck on a public road.

“It’s a real health and safety issue, and time is a big factor. But whenever we have an issue the Mitsubishi service team are out like a flash, so the drivers and I are happy as Larry.

“Because my role extends beyond purchasing and goods inwards to include despatch and logistics, deadlines turnaround times are all-important to me. Knowing that Andover have got my back is a great plus for me.”

To find out more about the award-winning Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range and Andover Fork Truck Services, call the Greenline 01264 324055, contact

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