News     27 May 2021

Red Diesel Vs Electric Save Thousands Today

Save Thousands Today On Fuel By Switching To Electric !! 

Red diesel prices are increasing and April 2022 the rules change with most users of red diesel will be taxed at the standard rate so get ahead of the game and look at your electric options today.

We all know by now that the future is electric, the future is now as electric forklifts are out performing engine powered trucks in every aspect !!

  • Zero emissions
  • Quieter truck
  • Work in tighter area
  • Outright performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Carbon footprint

The tough new Mitsubishi electric counterbalance range can operate in the same environment as any Diesel counterbalance

  • Inside / outside operation
  • Builders yards
  • Transport yards
  • Container loading/unloading

Save the planet and save a fortune today by calling the team on 01264324055






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