News     28 November 2018

Did You Know We Can Cover Your Access Requirements?

Did You Know We Can Cover Your Access Requirements?

Yes me may have been supplying and covering your forklift and material handling needs for the past 40 years but did you know we can cover all your access requirements?

We have a full hire fleet of New Skyjack and Genie machines available for short term and long-term hire with same day delivery.

So anything from a simple routine maintenance job to a full stock check anything highline that requires access we have you covered at the lowest pricing in the Uk.

Machines ranging from:

Scissor Lift Hire

Skyjack 3219 (7.6m working height)or Skyjack 3226 (9.9m working height)

Genie 1932(7.6m working height) or Genie2632 (9.9m working height)

Increased capacity of 454Kg models Skyjack 4626 or Genie 2646 also in fleet

Electric Boom Lift Hire

Genie Z30/20N compact machine (11.14m working height)

Diesel 4×4 Boom Lift Hire

Skyjack 46AJ Hire(16.1m working height)

Genie Z45 Hire (16.1m working height)

Skyjack 51AJ Hire (17.6m working height)

Skyjack 63AJ Hire (21.4m working height)

Access equipment hire in Hampshire

Access equipment hire in Berkshire

Access equipment hire in Wiltshire

Access equipment hire in Oxfordshire

We have you fully covered so call the hire team today on 01264 324055

Lowest pricing for scissor lift rental

Lowest pricing for Boom lift rental

Same day delivery service

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