News     7 August 2018

Who Said Moving & Handling 35Ton Containers Had To Be Hard Work?

Who said moving and handling loaded containers had to be hard work? Not with the Combilift Straddle carrier !!

This is our latest install in Southampton which has totally transformed the way the business handles loading/unloading containers, unload time of 2 minutes from trailer to ground !!

The huge win for the customer was the Combilift SC unladen weight, this meant they did not have the huge costs involved with having their current yard redeveloped with reinforced concrete.

This was such a great install from start to finish which the following pictures and video gives you a snippet into the easy procedure.

Day 1, Unload, build and test all on site (Combilift and Andover Forktruck Services supply all equipment)

Day 2, Test-certify and train operators

Call the team today for a free site survey and see how we can make your container handling a breeze.

Quick Specification Below:

  • 2 Minute Off-Loading From Trailer To Ground
  • Excellent 360 ĚŠ Visibility From Driver Position
  • Eliminates Trailers Waiting To Be Loaded And Unloaded
  • Safer Stuffing / Destuffing At Ground Level
  • Low Ground Pressure When Fully Loaded
  • More Economical To Run Versus Reach Stackers
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Combilift Straddle Carrier (Combi-SC) range was developed as a more cost effective and flexible solution for distribution, shipping and haulage companies even with relatively low throughput levels.

The Combi-SC is much more economical option compared to heavy handling forklifts, reach stackers or mobile cranes and offers complete independence when moving very large fully laden containers, in fact if an operation handles just six containers a week the return on investment in a Combilift Straddle Carrier is quickly achieved.

A key benefit of the Combi-SC is its much lighter unladen weight compared to heavy-duty forklifts capable of lifting comparable loads. Weighing in at around 15,800 kg depending on the specific model, the greatly reduced ground pressure of the Combi-SC and its large flotation tires enables operation on poor and semi rough terrain, avoiding the need for costly investment on ground resurfacing or improvement.

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